Summer Course 2020 (online)

Since 2007 the National Academy for Finance and Economics organizes each year in July a Summer Course on public finance in the Hague for countries in its Constituency Programme. Countries eligible within this programme are Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Georgia, Macedonia, Moldova, Mongolia, Montenegro, Romania and Ukraine. The Summer Course consist of two modules, one on taxation and another on public expenditure management.


This years’ Summer Course became in practice an Autumn Course, since it was held in October. Due to the worldwide pandemic it was for the first time held fully online. It consisted for each module of 5 webinars that last 1,5 -2 hours and 3 homework assignments. From fiscal policy, budgetary frameworks, financial management in a line ministry, open budgets, spending reviews, the organization of the Netherlands Tax and Customs Administration, risk management used in taxation to taxation of Private Persons and Small and Medium Sized Enterprises, all of these topics were addressed.


We are happy that we could stay in touch with the Constituency countries and did not limit ourselves by the travel restrictions!


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