The National Academy for Finance and Economics is the training institute of the Ministry of Finance of the Netherlands. It is an integral part of the Directorate General of the Budget of the Ministry. The National Academy trains civil servants in the field of public finance, audit and economics. We are located in The Hague.

The Academy offers trainings, seminars and workshops to domestic and foreign civil servants working on public finances. Services offered by the National Academy may vary by case, but are always up-to-date and practical oriented. In carrying out our activities, we are always making use of experienced lecturers who design and execute country-specific programmes or work in the field of their expertise.

For inquiries, please contact us at or call to +31 (0)70 342 4900


The past few months the work of the National Academy for Finance and Economics has been affected by the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, just like many other training institutes. Fortunately we were able to switch to more online training and conference possibilities. So our knowledge sharing activities and contracts with international civil servants could be continued.  

The National Academy for Finance and Economics organizes the Shiraka Public Financial Management Training since 2013. This programme is organized in cooperation with the ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency and the ministry of Finance and is open for participants in 11 countries in Northern Africa and the Middle East.

Since 2007 the National Academy for Finance and Economics organizes each year in July a Summer Course on public finance in the Hague for countries in its Constituency Programme. 

We are pleased to have organized two webinars on spending reviews on 29 June and 2 July 2020. Participants from countries that are in the constituency programme joined these two sessions in order to gain more knowledge on spending reviews executed in the Netherlands. The webinars were facilitated in our online learning environment.